Gans 2023-2024 Child Find Announced

In accordance with No Child Left Behind Act, Gans Public Schools are currently conducting a child find for in-district children in need of special education and/or related services. Gans Public Schools provide these services free of charge to students 3-21 years of age who are not currently receiving services in the areas of:

1. Deaf

2. Deaf-Blind

3. Hard of Hearing

4. Intellectually Disabled

5. Multiple Disabilities

6. Emotional Disabilities

7. Other Health Impairment

8. Orthopedically Impaired

9. Autism

10. Traumatic Brain Injury

11. Specific Learning Disability

12. Visual Impairment

13. Developmental Delay

14. Speech or Language Impairment

If you have, or know of a child who might benefit from our services, please contact Michelle Leach at 918-775-2236.