Student Enrollment Link

Gans Public School Parents:

NEW! - We are pleased to announce that our Student Information Vendor, Wengage, has released a SylogistEd App!
Access to the Guardian Portal, Student Records Portal, Student Portal, and Employee Portal is available through one app download from the Google Play or Apple Store. Access to the portals via the app provides all the same features and functionality that you are use to when accessing the portals from a web browser, including support for Sign in with Microsoft and sign in with Google.

We will be using this app to transition to online enrollment, but you can still go to our website to enroll. Current students must re-enroll and parents can update any information such as phone numbers, emergency contact or address changes through this app at any time. You can also upload all documents like shot records using this app. To upload documents just take a picture with your phone or scan it to your device and attached it when prompted.

If you have a log in already just use that to log in and enroll your student for the 2025 school year. If you do not see your student(s) after logging please call me before proceeding, Melinda 918-775-2236. Only one guardian will be allowed to enroll students. If you need a second record submitter please contact me.

Parents or guardians will need to come to the school to get an account and to get transfers approved.

If you do not have internet we will have computers set up at the school for you to use.

The state requires the following immunization before a child may enter school.

  • For Head Start: 4 DTP; 1 MMR; 2 Hepatitis A; 3 Hepatitis B; 3 Polio; 1-4 HIB; 1 Varicella; 1-4 PCV.

  • For Pre-K: 4 DTap; 1 Polio; 3 MMR; 3 Hep B; 2 Hep A; 2 Varicella.

  • For Kindergarten: 5 DTap; 4 Polio; 2 MMR; 3 Hep B; 2 Hep A; 1 Varicella.

  • For 7th Grade:  TDap Booster

For school enrollment, a parent or guardian shall provide one of the following:

  1. Current, up-to-date immunization records or

  2. Completed and signed exemption form