Visit the admin office to pick up enrollment forms. Please note that each school might have additional forms to fill out.

Parents and guardians are asked to bring the following documents, a current immunization record; birth certificate; Social Security Card; CDIB and membership cards; Sooner Care card; and proof of residence.

The state requires the following immunization before a child may enter school.

  • For Head Start: 4 DTP; 1 MMR; 2 Hepatitis A; 3 Hepatitis B; 3 Polio; 1-4 HIB; 1 Varicella; 1-4 PCV.

  • For Pre-K: 4 DTap; 1 Polio; 3 MMR; 3 Hep B; 2 Hep A; 2 Varicella.

  • For Kindergarten: 5 DTap; 4 Polio; 2 MMR; 3 Hep B; 2 Hep A; 1 Varicella.

  • For 7th Grade:  TDap Booster